Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A 12 Hour Detour

The trip did not have the best of beginnings. My flight, as well as the flights of the two people I was planning on traveling with,was late. Thankfully I got into Atlanta only ten minutes, but my friend got in only twenty minutes before our flight was supposed to take off. Note that I use supposed. We all got into the plane on time, and then sat on the runway for two and half hours. Atlanta was surrounded by thunderstorms and we were stuck. Finally around ten the plane took off.
The real problem is that our layover in Dublin was only two hours. We landed five minutes after the flight we were supposed to be on took off. And then Aer Lingus refused to put us on another flight or even to refund our ticket. We would have had to purchase a whole new ticket for over 200 euros. Needless to say, none of us were willing to pay.
So instead we decided to take a ferry from Dublin to Hollyhead, which was amazing.
And then we took a train from Hollyhead down to Cardiff. The countryside is simply breathtaking. But the highlight was definitely getting my first English fish and chips. Finally we got into Cardiff about eleven at night- only twelve hours later than we were supposed to arrive!
My internet is being silly right now, but I will post pictures from my trip as soon as I can!


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  2. Sounds like a crazy trip to get there! You are going to have an amazing time though! Glad to hear you got there safely!