Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Continuing the adventures of my first week

We covered an incredible amount of sites during the first week of travel- look how long it took me to write up Monday (which is still one of my favorite days so far). It feels as if I've been here forever, not just a little over two weeks.

Anyways, Tuesday we the cathedral at Gloucester, where scenes from Harry Potter 1,2 and 6 were filmed. I took lots of pictures of walls where this and that scene was filmed, and now can't tell the shots apart.

And this box was left from the set

Besides the link with Harry Potter, it's a very pretty cathedral, and the cloisters have these amazing fan vaults.

After Gloucester we went to Stratford. My friends and I went to the Holy Trinity Church where Shakespeare is buried along with his wife and one of his children (I can't recall which one, I was mostly just interested in Shakespeare). In the evening we saw King Lear. It was my first time seeing a live performance of one of Shakespeare's plays. I rather enjoyed it, but it didn't seem fantastic to me.

Then on Wednesday we went to the White Horse of Uffington, which is the oldest chalk hill ..... carving in England. Right below it is the hill where St George supposedly slayed the dragon.

We also went to Oxford. Of course we went to the Eagle and Child and I got a picture of C.S Lewis' signature. But I have to figure out how to get it from my phone to my computer. My normal method won't work because the card reader in my laptop isn't working......

On the way home we stopped at Stow-on-Wold to see a church with this awesome door!

Thursday started with us going to Avebury, which I loved. The older the site the happier I am! I knew the stone would be huge, but I was still amazed standing before them.

My favorite part of Thursday was seeing Chawton- the house where Jane Austen lived when she did most of her writing. The gardens around the house are absolutely beautiful. Someday I want to have gardens like those. They set up the inside of the house to look like it would have when she lived there, and they have a bunch of her things. Sadly we didn't have much time there- or at least it didn't feel like much time to me! Also, I could have spent far too much money in the gift shop. But behaved and only bought one book- a cute little copy of Persuasion.

After Chawton we went to Winchester. I didn't really have much time there though. We had been given two options: go to Chawton and sacrifice time in Winchester or forgo Chawton and spend the whole afternoon in the city. Needless to say my choice was not difficult. Still, I did get a peek at the Round Table.

Friday morning we stopped by a dolmen, and then went to the Museum of Welsh Life, which is a very cool museum. Most of it is outdoors and consists of various buildings that have been brought from all over Wales and rebuilt on the site. All of the buildings have been furnished for a certain time period. One of my favorite areas was the Celtic village- of course. I hope we go back again- there's a lot more I'd like to see!

Well I think that just about covers most of my first week. It's crazy how much we've done already!

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