Sunday, July 18, 2010

Tardis Sighting!

We were going into Bath and the traffic was absolutely horrible. I was just idly watching the cars in front of us, when I notice something large and blue. It took a second for my eyes to focus on what I was seeing, and then a another second for my brain to really register that a Tardis (or what looks like one) is being hauled on the highway. I cry out and start frantically searching my purse for my camera. As the traffic begins to move I remember that I had put it in my pocket and not my bag. Luckily I was able to snap this shot before it had completely moved out of the range of my vision. I was incredibly excited and was looking for another sight of it the whole time I was in Bath. Also, I'm pretty sure everyone in my van is now certain of my weirdness/nerdyness... nerdiness (?). But I guess they were all going to find out eventually.
I can't be completely certain that it was a blue police box- we were never close enough for me to see it in detail- but it definitely looks like one!


  1. it def looks like one!!!! and i would have been just as excited!

  2. That has to be the Tardis. It looks like it anyway. <3

  3. did you ever find another sighting? where exactly is Bath? Don't worry not the only nerdiness person out there. am i the only one who is sort of hoping that this doctor person is real. and my best bet is that it may be a tardis because who has a like 1960's police box anywhere.