Sunday, July 4, 2010

First Week

One week down. We didn’t do any travelling this week; instead we took classes in Pont-y-Pwl- speaking Welsh from 9-6. It was mentally exhausting, but it immersed me in the language and I learned a lot. All of us just spontaneously break out in a combination of Welsh and English now.
On Wednesday we took a walk up into the hills around Pont-y-Pwl. It was my first real excursion into the countryside, and I absolutely loved it. Something about this land calls to my heart.
Then on Saturday we got to move! We had moved into one house when we got here, but we only had it for the week and then it was going to belong to someone else. Moving was pretty much a pain, but our new house it much nicer, and I once again have an attic room. Also, we have trash bins rather than having to leave the bags on the street. It’s very pleasant to not be woken early in the morning by seagulls ripping apart your trash.
Tomorrow we start our travelling by seeing four castles-Usk, Chepstow, Raglen, and Monmouth- as well as Tintern Abbey; I am incredibly and inexpressibly excited.
I have some more pictures to put up, but it takes a while so I’m going to spread them out.

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  1. Hi, Liz:

    The pics are great. When time permits will you post pics of your house and your attic room?

    Thanks, Larry