Sunday, July 18, 2010

English to American 2

take away- take out
footpath- trail
engery- calories (I think; food labels here are difficult to decipher)

I've also had a blackcurrant Starburst- blackcurrant is a very popular flavor here- some seriously delicious chocolate and Willy Wonka chips. That's not what they're called, but my nickname for them. They have some crazy chip (or crisp) flavors here: Spanish chicken paella, Australian barbecued kangaroo, German bratwurst, roast chicken, and one of my favorites English roast beef and Yorkshire pudding. Some are really gross (like the barbecued kangaroo) but some are actually yummy. They have more normal flavors too of course. Also, there is this amazing place called Shake Away that produces the best milkshake ever. I've had a lemon drizzle cake one, which was delicious. They actually blend cake into the shake. AMAZING

Another fun thing about the UK is their signs; they are absolutely hilarious. The school crossing signs look like a mother dragging her kid and they have crosswalk signs showing elderly, stooped people holding canes. Here's a picture of one that I took at a castle:

Hilarious right? I like the guy who's squinting best. Anyways, the signs here are always making me laugh.

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